About Us

The team at Pizza Be With You love pizza. We love making it, we love cooking it, we love eating it and we love sharing it.  In fact we love it so much, we created our business around it.

We understand the fundamentals of hosting an event and we are here to work with you to make your’s a success. The food, the wine, the entertainment, they’re all essential items to get right on the night. Our mobile wood fired pizza catering can be tailored to meet your needs.

Pizza Be With You has been an epic journey, harking from a small town in Sicily and drawing soul from the heart of Melbourne city.

PBWYWe have drawn on our love of socialising and food feasts to perfect our pizza dream: Pizza Be With You.  We love entertaining; there is something unique about the buzz of people laughing, smiling and enjoying great food around a very special feature… our wood fired oven.  If you haven’t experienced this before, standing around the wood fired oven, losing yourself in the flames within, smelling the aromas, tasting the smoky flavours of whatever you choose to cook really is a satisfying treat for all involved.

Pizza was first created in the 1700′s in Naples Italy and still today loved by the masses. The toppings used today are varied and limitless. Catering to large or small numbers our team can produce a steady flow of Wood fired Pizza to keep everyone happy.

The team at Pizza Be With You is here to provide gourmet mobile wood fired pizza catering for both private and public events. We offer a wide variety of vegetarian, meat and sweet Italian pizzas. We also offer our specialty canapes and salads in individual serves.

oven roasted

Our years of experience in making Pizza enables us to make what we believe is the best mobile wood fired pizza in Melbourne. We cater to all size events and the pizza’s are to die for! Why not consider us for your next event or function – we’d be more than happy to provide a full menu and pricing for any size party

Browse around our site and give us a yell when you’re hooked, like us…